Light Image Resizer and side offers , ads problem

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Light Image Resizer and side offers , ads problem

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this thread continue the post on the web site about the truth about offers bundled with Light Image Resizer. ... ess-model/

as the revenue from the pro license isn't enough, we have experimented offers as a bundle. We worked to select non intrusive and legal offer brokers. it means they have been validated by Trustee, and respect the laws of FTC in USA for example.

it means the package aren't installed without the approval of the users, and so, you can ALWAYS install Light Image Resizer without any ads or side offers.
But I agree it is sometimes not very "logical" ,and we are working to make this easier to understand. In most case you just need to ignore or cancel the installation of the side offers and you won't have them.
WE NEVER EVER ! install something without the user reviews.

Now, we could start to discuss ! if you don't like this ( and hopefully a majority of users just don't install them, so it proves the process is possible )
how to make money from the product ? what would be the most acceptable way to limit the software ?

To all the people which are kindly emailing us ( insulting us sometimes ) I would like to ask if they work for free, get their food for free ? gas for free ?
unfornutly in a way or another I need to find a way to get some money to pay the internet bill, pay developpers to develop new products.

If you have suggestion please use this thread to discuss them and we could find a solution we didn't think about.
For now the ads still bring more money than the licenses themselves.

What is the best way to limit a software as a trial ?