How to convert an image to PDF with Light Image Resizer

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How to convert an image to PDF with Light Image Resizer

Post by Celine [ObviousIdea] »

Here is a quick guide to convert your pictures in PDF.

First, add a picture or a folder clicking the top left side button:
(You can use the drag & drop too)
Picture1.jpg (10.67 KiB) Viewed 2178 times

When you are ready, click on Next at the bottom (or on Options)
Click on "More Options..." to see all tabs available as below and select "Create PDF
Picture2.jpg (18.81 KiB) Viewed 2128 times

The PDF tab will appear:
Picture3.jpg (15.5 KiB) Viewed 2047 times

Now you can choose the output page size among existing profiles or create your own selecting "Custom". You can either choose "inches" (in) or "centimeters" (cm).
Picture6 .jpg
Picture6 .jpg (47.32 KiB) Viewed 3481 times

Below a few samples of different sizes:
Picture5.jpg (14.74 KiB) Viewed 2053 times
Eventually, click on Process to create your PDF file!
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Post by Fabrice »

thanks celine for this 1st post made with Light Image Resizer screenshots :) , I hope people will be happy to know how to make jpg to pdf conversion.
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Post by Fabrice »

Ram Sankar wrote:This is my first visit to this site and the forum. This is also your first post made with Light Image Resizer! I have used Universal Document Converter before. I will certainly share my experience with Light Image Resizer in this forum. Thanks for the valuable post.

thanks for giving us your feedback , you are one of the first in this new forum :)

Post by anxest »


I use the french version, but let's try in english ;)

I'm looking for a way to convert all the images (jpeg) of a directory into a unique multipage PDF. Light Image Resizer show me an option that seems to be the one I'm looking for, but it's to pretty to be true : an error occurs.

Conclusion : Maybe Light Image Resizer does not what I need or I am really bad at using it. I hope the second option is the only true, so let me explain what I do :

I select the directory (all from the same directory) that contains the picts to be resized and converted.

Options : A picture will be more expressive : (the insert does not seem to work with it)
=> I don't really understand why the folder has a .pdf extension :(

Effects : none
publish : no
pdf : automatic (the goal behind this is to include this manipulation into a script that will launch this process for different directories, so I can't really specify...)

And so, the error shows me (The directory ### is not the real name) :

[HTML]2011-10-03 14:26:39 Info 0 images processed (20 skipped) in 00:00:43.
2011-10-03 14:26:39 Error PDF: Error saving "D:\###\Pictures\MyPDF.pdf"
2011-10-03 14:26:39 Info Saved as "D:\###\Pictures\MyPDF.pdf\newwave25_021_r_copy.jpg"
2011-10-03 14:26:38 Info Resizing "D:\###\Pictures\Tests traitement num\Raw\NewWave-1980\25\jpeg\newwave25_021_r.jpg" from 4620x6211 to 1478x1988
2011-10-03 14:26:37 Info Saved as "D:\###\Pictures\MyPDF.pdf\newwave25_020_r_copy.jpg"
2011-10-03 14:26:36 Info Resizing "D:\###\Pictures\Tests traitement num\Raw\NewWave-1980\25\jpeg\newwave25_020_r.jpg" from 4620x6229 to 1478x1993
2011-10-03 14:26:34 Info Saved as "D:\###\Pictures\MyPDF.pdf\newwave25_019_r_copy.jpg"
2011-10-03 14:26:34 Info Resizing "D:\###\Pictures\Tests traitement num\Raw\NewWave-1980\25\jpeg\newwave25_019_r.jpg" from 4620x6211 to 1478x1988
2011-10-03 14:26:32 Info Saved as "D:\###\Pictures\MyPDF.pdf\newwave25_018_r_copy.jpg"
2011-10-03 14:26:32 Info Resizing "D:\###\Pictures\Tests traitement num\Raw\NewWave-1980\25\jpeg\newwave25_018_r.jpg" from 4620x6229 to 1478x1993
2011-10-03 14:26:30 Info Saved as "D:\###\Pictures\MyPDF.pdf\newwave25_017_r_copy.jpg"
2011-10-03 14:26:30 Info Resizing "D:\###\Pictures\Tests traitement num\Raw\NewWave-1980\25\jpeg\newwave25_017_r.jpg" from 4620x6211 to 1478x1988
2011-10-03 14:26:28 Info Saved as "D:\###\Pictures\MyPDF.pdf\newwave25_016_r_copy.jpg"
2011-10-03 14:26:28 Info Resizing "D:\###\Pictures\Tests traitement num\Raw\NewWave-1980\25\jpeg\newwave25_016_r.jpg" from 4584x6229 to 1467x1993
2011-10-03 14:26:26 Info Saved as "D:\###\Pictures\MyPDF.pdf\newwave25_015_r_copy.jpg"
2011-10-03 14:26:25 Info Resizing "D:\###\Pictures\Tests traitement num\Raw\NewWave-1980\25\jpeg\newwave25_015_r.jpg" from 4584x6211 to 1467x1988
2011-10-03 14:26:24 Info Saved as "D:\###\Pictures\MyPDF.pdf\newwave25_014_r_copy.jpg"
2011-10-03 14:26:23 Info Resizing "D:\###\Pictures\Tests traitement num\Raw\NewWave-1980\25\jpeg\newwave25_014_r.jpg" from 4584x6229 to 1467x1993
2011-10-03 14:26:22 Info Saved as "D:\###\Pictures\MyPDF.pdf\newwave25_013_r_copy.jpg"
2011-10-03 14:26:21 Info Resizing "D:\###\Pictures\Tests traitement num\Raw\NewWave-1980\25\jpeg\newwave25_013_r.jpg" from 4584x6211 to 1467x1988
2011-10-03 14:26:20 Info Saved as "D:\###\Pictures\MyPDF.pdf\newwave25_012_r_copy.jpg"
2011-10-03 14:26:19 Info Resizing "D:\###\Pictures\Tests traitement num\Raw\NewWave-1980\25\jpeg\newwave25_012_r.jpg" from 4584x6229 to 1467x1993
2011-10-03 14:26:17 Info Saved as "D:\###\Pictures\MyPDF.pdf\newwave25_011_r_copy.jpg"
2011-10-03 14:26:17 Info Resizing "D:\###\Pictures\Tests traitement num\Raw\NewWave-1980\25\jpeg\newwave25_011_r.jpg" from 4584x6211 to 1467x1988
2011-10-03 14:26:15 Info Saved as "D:\###\Pictures\MyPDF.pdf\newwave25_010_r_copy.jpg"
2011-10-03 14:26:15 Info Resizing "D:\###\Pictures\Tests traitement num\Raw\NewWave-1980\25\jpeg\newwave25_010_r.jpg" from 4584x6229 to 1467x1993
2011-10-03 14:26:13 Info Saved as "D:\###\Pictures\MyPDF.pdf\newwave25_009_r_copy.jpg"
2011-10-03 14:26:13 Info Resizing "D:\###\Pictures\Tests traitement num\Raw\NewWave-1980\25\jpeg\newwave25_009_r.jpg" from 4584x6211 to 1467x1988
2011-10-03 14:26:11 Info Saved as "D:\###\Pictures\MyPDF.pdf\newwave25_008_r_copy.jpg"
2011-10-03 14:26:11 Info Resizing "D:\###\Pictures\Tests traitement num\Raw\NewWave-1980\25\jpeg\newwave25_008_r.jpg" from 4584x6229 to 1467x1993
2011-10-03 14:26:09 Info Saved as "D:\###\Pictures\MyPDF.pdf\newwave25_007_r_copy.jpg"
2011-10-03 14:26:08 Info Resizing "D:\###\Pictures\Tests traitement num\Raw\NewWave-1980\25\jpeg\newwave25_007_r.jpg" from 4584x6211 to 1467x1988
2011-10-03 14:26:07 Info Saved as "D:\###\Pictures\MyPDF.pdf\newwave25_006_r_copy.jpg"
2011-10-03 14:26:06 Info Resizing "D:\###\Pictures\Tests traitement num\Raw\NewWave-1980\25\jpeg\newwave25_006_r.jpg" from 4584x6229 to 1467x1993
2011-10-03 14:26:04 Info Saved as "D:\###\Pictures\MyPDF.pdf\newwave25_005_r_copy.jpg"
2011-10-03 14:26:04 Info Resizing "D:\###\Pictures\Tests traitement num\Raw\NewWave-1980\25\jpeg\newwave25_005_r.jpg" from 4584x6211 to 1467x1988
2011-10-03 14:26:02 Info Saved as "D:\###\Pictures\MyPDF.pdf\newwave25_004_r_copy.jpg"
2011-10-03 14:26:01 Info Resizing "D:\###\Pictures\Tests traitement num\Raw\NewWave-1980\25\jpeg\newwave25_004_r.jpg" from 4656x6229 to 1490x1993
2011-10-03 14:26:00 Info Saved as "D:\###\Pictures\MyPDF.pdf\newwave25_003_r_copy.jpg"
2011-10-03 14:25:59 Info Resizing "D:\###\Pictures\Tests traitement num\Raw\NewWave-1980\25\jpeg\newwave25_003_r.jpg" from 4656x6211 to 1490x1988
2011-10-03 14:25:58 Info Saved as "D:\###\Pictures\MyPDF.pdf\newwave25_001_r_copy.jpg"
2011-10-03 14:25:57 Info Resizing "D:\###\Pictures\Tests traitement num\Raw\NewWave-1980\25\jpeg\newwave25_001_r.jpg" from 4656x6229 to 1490x1993
2011-10-03 14:25:55 Info 20 files
2011-10-03 14:25:55 Info --- Processing ---
2011-10-03 14:25:55 Info Destination: D:\###\Pictures\MyPDF.pdf
2011-10-03 14:25:55 Info Action: Create PDF
2011-10-03 14:25:55 Info [ ] Send by email
2011-10-03 14:25:55 Info [X] Copy ICC
2011-10-03 14:25:55 Info [X] Copy IPTC
2011-10-03 14:25:55 Info [X] Copy XMP
2011-10-03 14:25:55 Info [X] Copy EXIF
2011-10-03 14:25:55 Info On name conflict: Prompt
2011-10-03 14:25:55 Info [X] Keep file date
2011-10-03 14:25:55 Info [ ] Adjust portrait
2011-10-03 14:25:55 Info [ ] Auto enhance
2011-10-03 14:25:55 Info [ ] Add border
2011-10-03 14:25:55 Info [ ] Sepia
2011-10-03 14:25:55 Info [ ] Grayscale
2011-10-03 14:25:55 Info [ ] Invert colors
2011-10-03 14:25:55 Info [ ] Watermark
2011-10-03 14:25:55 Info Filename Mask: %F_copy
2011-10-03 14:25:55 Info [x] Resolution: 96
2011-10-03 14:25:55 Info Quality: 95%
2011-10-03 14:25:55 Info Format: JPEG
2011-10-03 14:25:55 Info Policy: Always
2011-10-03 14:25:55 Info Filtering: Lanczos
2011-10-03 14:25:55 Info Mode: Fit
2011-10-03 14:25:55 Info Height: 32 (%)
2011-10-03 14:25:55 Info Width: 32 (%)
2011-10-03 14:25:55 Info Profile: vp96
2011-10-03 14:25:55 Info File Root: \###\Pictures\Tests traitement num\Raw\NewWave-1980\25\jpeg\
2011-10-03 14:25:55 Info 2 physical cores
2011-10-03 14:25:55 Info Interface: Full mode
2011-10-03 12:27:34 Info Paramstr #00 : "C:\Program Files\ObviousIdea\Image Resizer 4\Resize.exe"
2011-10-03 12:27:34 Info CPU: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5300 @ 2.60GHz
2011-10-03 12:27:34 Info Memory: 1,99 GB
2011-10-03 12:27:34 Info System default language : Français (France)
2011-10-03 12:27:34 Info User default language : Français (France)
2011-10-03 12:27:34 Info Version :
2011-10-03 12:27:34 Info ExeName : C:\Program Files\ObviousIdea\Image Resizer 4\Resize.exe
2011-10-03 12:27:34 Info OS : Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium (Build 7601: Service Pack 1)
2011-10-03 12:27:34 ---- ******************** Log session start 03-oct. 12:27:34.433 PID 2312********************

Naming it from the name of the directory would be the best, but there's no such indication in the Filename Mask's help screen, and I might ask to much too :D

Anyway, if somebody can help me to do right...
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Post by Phil »

Drive D: is a normal hard drive? Is there enough free space available?

Maybe you could try with just one image, and report if that works...

Post by anxest »

Thanks for your support :)

There is close to 172 GB free on D:
I've made some other tests, and it looks like all is just well when I cancel the parameter "recreate folder structure on destination". So there's no more trouble with one pict or one folder.

Maybe I can indicate you for a futur update of the soft : If a folder containing folders containing pictures is selected, the option "create a PDF" will create one PDF with all the pictures from all the directories. In my opinion, it's not really usefull : in this case, the user can group all the picts in one directory and launch the process. But If we could activate the parameter to "recreate folder structure on destination", the goal would be to create one PDF by directory containing pictures. To have a best use of that, a filename mask should be added in the soft, that could name the file like the folder containing the pictures, witch we add a manual extension, by exemple %PictFolder-convert.pdf, where %PictFolder is the name of the folder containing a group of images and "-convert" the part I choose to add on my PDF's name.

This could be really usefull for photographer by exemple, or people who tries, like me, with their capability, to virtualise their own libraries.

Thank your for this soft, it is very easy to use and it does just well :)
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Post by Phil »

Ok, in fact it was creating a folder with the same name as the PDF, so it couldn't be saved. I fixed this nasty bug.

Please try with the latest version.

Also thanks for your suggestion, it will be considered for further improvement!