Wordpress ultimate list of plugins to install on a new web site

Best Wordpress plugin to engage your users and collect their email. You can use header alerts, popups, or exit pages, and it works with any popular emailing service such as Mailchimp or AWeber
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Wordpress ultimate list of plugins to install on a new web site

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A new thread as I m installing new wordpress, I feel myself to be organized and list the plugins and extension I always install on a new wordpress web site

SEO plugins for Wordpress :

All of them are Free :

#1 Yoast :


Available from the internal plugin search engine too.
convenient to think about the SEO keywords, site maps, and reminded me about google webmaster tools step to do

#2 SEO Rank Reporter

Available from the internal search engine too.
It will help you to track the position of the best keywords in Google, Bing etc. and will automatically suggest the most popular keywords from your web site directly from the stats, so it makes sense to install it as quickly as possible to see the progress of your web site.

#3 Ultimate Google Analytics

I was using this one on some web site, but the link is dead, so I need to find a new one. I still recommand to use a separated plugin instead of using the section of the theme ( when you are using advance themes from ThemeForest or others ) because this way you won't forget to update it when you will switch your theme to a new one.

Security and backup :

Automatically backup your wordpress, including tables and contents, for me the best one is :

http://backwpup.com/ is the best one for me, a lot of options available such as saving to your dropbox, amazon s3, azure, google drive ( even if I never succeeded to make this option working to be honest )

it's available directly from the wordpress plugin catalog by typing BackWPup ( and I never remember the name )

To be continued ( or add your comments and suggestions )